From Protests To Assassinations, International Chaos Reaches Fever Pitch


What came first: the proliferation of breaking news updates or the chaos of humanity?

Or, are we finally at the end of this version of civilization? From protests to assassinations, international chaos is reaching a fever pitch so high that it’s probably ringing in your ears right now.

It’s hard to know where to start with the global collapse, so I chose Canada, where basically nothing happened until earlier this year (remember the truckers?). Things started to calm down in the frozen north until the largest internet and wireless communications supplier, Rogers Communications, had a national outage Friday.

“It left a majority of the population without phones or internet, and had a massive impact on banking institutions, the use of debit and credit cards in all retail settings,” Daily Caller reporter Leena Nasir told us. “It rendered 911 emergency lines useless as a majority of the population couldn’t dial out.”

Nasir described how grocery and food deliveries couldn’t operate, gas stations were closed down, and so were government buildings. The outage continued through the weekend and was nominally solved by Monday. “Canada is a mess,” Nasir concluded.

Canada is not alone.

Farmers have risen up across Europe, prompted by the Dutch, against climate policies that have the potential to cripple local agriculture. One policy seeks to increase reliance on renewable energies to 100% by 2025. Another would cut livestock-related emissions by 50% by 2030, putting a third of European ranchers out of business.

And I mean, are Germany’s leaders just that stupid? They’re on the brink of economic collapse, and they turn against those who feed them. That’s got to be a special sort of stupid, uniquely defined by short-term thinking and virtue signaling instead of sustainable policy-making.


A similar climate-driven policy in Sri Lanka, which focused on banning artificial fertilizers, destroyed the entire country’s economy after the agricultural industry collapsed. Poverty and inflation, coupled with a chemical fertilizer ban, left the country “bankrupt” of money and crop yields. (RELATED: ‘Global Food Catastrophe’ Coming Soon, Warns Germany, United Nations)

Then there’s China, who killed family pets en masse, locked down their citizens on and off for years now, and are now using electronic wristbands to enforce another redundant COVID quarantine, according to CNBC. Oh, and they’re hoarding corn and grain amidst global food shortages.

You’re literally the worst, China. You’re almost as bad as Iran, who just made enough enriched uranium to build a nuclear bomb. That feels safe, said no one, ever.

No wonder that bimbling blonde bint Boris Johnson bailed on his responsibility to lead the United Kingdom. The UK is far from the most interesting archipelago, but imagine being one of the world leaders responsible for the end of the world? He bounced before he was burned.


All of this, and we’ve not discussed the assassination of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, the water crisis, wildfires, homeless crisis, fentanyl, the border, Taiwan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the pandemic, and the myriad disasters coming to a front door near you this year.

If you’re worried about the world ending, you probably should be. As I’ve said multiple times, the human species never should have left the cave. We’re far too hyper-dependent on stuff we don’t need, companies we don’t know, and politicians who don’t care about us.

Do you know your neighbors names? Could you and those you live around sustain yourselves, even for one weekend, if the phones and internet turned off? Probably not.

You should learn how to take care of yourself and the people you love before you turn into apocalypse food for people less naïve than you. Civilizations have collapsed before, and they could again.

The answer to my initial question is simple: these crises have nothing to do with breaking news, chaos, or the end of the world. This is sociological mathematics at play, and we’re losing.