‘Sense Of Competition’: Luke Combs Details His Relationship With Morgan Wallen

REUTERS/Harrison Mcclary/REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Country music superstar Luke Combs detailed his “sense of competition” with fellow star Morgan Wallen on the Full Send Podcast published Thursday.

One of the podcast hosts asked Combs, “Who’s the number one country music star in the world right now?”

Combs replied, “Oh man, I mean, that’s me or Wallen for sure.” Combs was then asked if there was any “competitiveness” in his and Wallen’s relationship.

“I mean, I think anybody that says there’s not is lying. You know, I mean, I think any business is competitive,” Combs responded. Another podcast host followed up in agreement: “Competition is key, though, too. Like, people keep you driving.” (RELATED: Morgan Wallen Continues To Dominate The Music Industry, Despite Cancelation Efforts)

Combs went on to say, “Dude, I love Morgan. I think he’s a great guy, man. I really do. And we’ve been on tour together, man, you know. I mean, I don’t think there’s any, at least to my knowledge, that it’s like … I don’t know of any country music [feud] like, ‘oh, I hate this guy, I can’t stand this guy.’ Like I don’t know of anything, at least that comes to mind straight away.”

Both Combs and the podcast hosts noted that Wallen has consistently crushed records in the country music charts. The Tennessee native has seen a series of number one songs on the Billboard charts, such as “You Proof” and the epic ballad “Wasted On You.”

Despite Wallen’s success, Combs said he doesn’t have a Morgan Wallen dartboard in his home. Watch the full episode of the Full Send Podcast interview with Luke Combs here: