Kayvon Thibodeaux On An Alabama Education: ‘It Ain’t Harvard’

Kayvon Thibodeaux (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/CFBONFOX/status/1481297815640944644 and Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Former Oregon football star Kayvon Thibodeaux recently dropped some hilarious comments about the University of Alabama.

Thibodeaux is expected to be one of the first players off the board during the 2022 NFL draft, and during a recent interview with Joel Klatt, he broke down why he didn’t go to Alabama. Well, fans of the Crimson Tide might want to sit down before hearing his comments because he didn’t hold back! (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


“I already hate the stigmatism of football players being dumb jocks. So, now, do you know the stigmatism of an Alabama education? It’s ain’t the West Coast. It ain’t Harvard,” Thibodeaux told Klatt during the interview.

He also added that he didn’t know whether or not getting a degree from Alabama would even mean anything. You can listen to him break it all down below.


Well, something tells me Thibodeaux’s comments didn’t earn him any friends in Alabama. Hell, he might want to avoid Tuscaloosa for the time being.

Taking a savage shot like that at an entire school is a great way to start a war.


Now, do I agree with his comments? I understand some people might view SEC schools as less than elite academically, especially compared to the Big Ten and some PAC-12 programs. However, I know a lot of people who went to Alabama and other SEC schools.

On average, I’d say they’re just as smart as anyone I know who went to any other major school. Here’s a newsflash everyone. Every school in America has dumb kids, smart kids and a lot of kids in the middle.

That’s what we call the rules of life.


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