‘They Are Super-Spreading Stupidity’: Clay Travis Mocks Fugitive Texas Democrats For Care Package Plea

Screenshot/Fox News

Conservative broadcaster Clay Travis said Monday that the Texas Democratic lawmakers who are still hunkered down in Washington, D.C. aren’t just spreading COVID-19, “they are super-spreading stupidity” by asking for taxpayer-funded care packages.

Several of the lawmakers tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in D.C. The group photo taken aboard their chartered plane showed most of the members without face masks.

“Not only are they super-spreading COVID, they are super-spreading stupidity and that is a bad combination … to be bringing both to our nation’s capital where certainly stupidity is super-spreading throughout the Democratic caucus for a very long time ever since they got woke and started to go broke on ideas,” Travis said on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

The Democratic legislators fled the state in order to block a Republican election integrity measure and are receiving a per diem allowance of $221. (RELATED: ‘I’m Asking The Questions’: Pete Hegseth Fires Back At Fugitive Texas Democrat Who Tries To Make His Interview About Trump)

The Dallas Democrats suggested Saturday the lawmakers would “appreciate care packages from home” and listed a series of items to include.


Travis quipped that Republicans should immediately begin sending care packages to the group — ones that included a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

“The idea that these taxpayer-funded politicians would be also requesting for taxpayers to provide them free gear is vintage Democrats in 2021,” Travis continued, saying the list of demands closely resembles those of his 10-year-old children.

“They have the exact same requests and they are just as pathetic as you would imagine for grown adults asking for handouts but it perfectly fits the modern-day Democratic Party.” (RELATED: Texas Democrats Airs Her Dirty Laundry, Including Her Bra, In Rebuttal To Republican Criticism)


Texas State Rep. Barbara Gervin-Hawkins (D-120), joined by fellow Democratic Texas state representatives, speaks at a press conference on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the group’s meetings with federal lawmakers on voting rights, on July 20, 2021 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images)

“If you start requesting a care package and you are an elected official and a politician, it is a pretty big indictment of your decision-making,” the commentator said, noting that the Democrats can go home at any time.  “All of this is just conspiring to make the Texas Democrats look even more ridiculous than they already did and I didn’t think that was possible.”

The Democrats’ sojourn is costing the members about $1.5 million as they use their personal resources and fundraising to pay for the trip. The group spent $100,000 alone on a private charter jet paid for by the House Democratic Caucus, according to NBC News.