REPORT: Brian Stelter’s Wife Accused Of Workplace Bullying

Brian Ach/Getty Images for Apple TV

CNN host Brian Stelter’s wife has been accused of workplace bullying by anonymous colleagues, according to a New York Magazine report published Wednesday.

The piece claims there was an alleged hostile work environment at the news station, NY1. Several anonymous colleagues claimed to New York Magazine that Jamie Stelter and her co-anchor, Annika Pergament, were like “high school bullies” who made snarky comments and spread gossip about coworkers. (RELATED: CNN Reporter Told To Eat S**T On His Birthday After Brian Stelter Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut)


As Stelter became more of a recognizable media personality, former colleagues claimed that she became mean and difficult to work with, according to the report. One former colleague claimed that Stelter would gossip – often with her microphone still on – about things including “the way someone did their hair, what they’re wearing, their reporting,” according to the report.

“A lot of people don’t like working with Jamie,” one person said, according to the report. Another said that “people would avoid her,” the report found. When photos of Alyse Zwick, Stelter’s fellow traffic reporter, and a former Miss New York and Jets dancer went viral on Twitter, the report claimed Stelter made “snide comments.” Zwick was instructed not to post pictures from pageants or NFL games, according to the report.

Former and current employees expressed concern about the way former NY1 weather anchor Stacy Ann Gooden was treated, the report said.

Gooden was hired in 2017, and 10 anonymous current and former employees claimed to New York Magazine that Stelter, Pergament and a third co-anchor, Pat Kiernan, ostracized her. The report claimed Gooden was excluded from meetings, left out of roundtable discussions on air, or only given “very short” and “abrupt” time to speak.

“It got to the point where Stacy-Ann couldn’t take it anymore because they were just outwardly rude,” one former colleague claimed to New York Magazine. A former crew member claimed to the outlet that Gooden reported the behavior to HR but decided to quit when she found nothing changed.