‘Assault After Assault’: Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott Lays Out What She Saw During BLM Protest In DC

Fox News screenshot

Daily Caller reporter Shelby Talcott described a weekend of violence in Washington, D.C. during Monday night’s edition of “Hannity.”

“Sean, so what we saw, just like you said, was, you know, thousands of thousands of Trump supporters came out in the afternoon for this Million MAGA March rally, and as the march sort of ended, people were walking back to their hotels,” Talcott said. “They had to, at times, walk through Black Lives Matter Plaza to get to their cars or their hotels, wherever they were going.”



“And that is where this group of counter-protesters were waiting for them – and I mean at one point it really was just assault after assault,” she continued. “I remember filming and there was somebody screaming behind me, it was another incident going on, and then I would run over to see what was going on there, and there was another one going on. It really was just crazy.” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS: Counter-Protesters Target Trump Supporters After ‘Million MAGA March’ As Violence Breaks Out In Downtown DC)

Supporters of President Donald Trump came to Washington, D.C. Saturday for the “Million MAGA March” and a “#StopTheSteal” rally, a reference to the president’s claims that there was widespread voter fraud during the presidential election. The events drew crowds of thousands of people, and even Trump himself drove by to wave to his supporters.

However, clashes broke out when a group of counter-protesters ran into the marchers. The counter-protesters set fire to MAGA hats and Back the Blue flags, and they launched fireworks at diners who were eating at a restaurant downtown.

Footage taken by investigative reporter Drew Hernandez emerged showing counter-protesters throwing eggs and unidentified liquids on a young couple who appear to be Trump supporters. You can hear the woman cry out in fear as the harassment continued.