Big Ten Football Is So Elite That Its Backups Are Now NFL Players

(Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

The dust has settled from the NFL draft, and the Big Ten’s elite status was cemented.

How elite is the Big Ten? It’s so elite that a backup quarterback who was cast aside at Purdue is now in the league. That’s right. Danny Etling was drafted by the New England Patriots in the seventh round.

Etling infamously became the starter at LSU once he was shown the door at Purdue after not being able to move up the depth chart.

This isn’t a knock on the SEC. I’m simply stating facts. It’s nice that the SEC can act as a little farm league for the big boys in the north and let a guy like Etling get a few reps. We all know that getting snaps at a school like Purdue is infamously hard.



Imagine being such an elite conference that your backups are getting on NFL rosters. How many SEC backups and castoffs did you see getting drafted this weekend? I believe that number sits at a solid zero.

Etling was the only guy in the Big Ten who couldn’t be a starting quarterback that is in the NFL after the draft.

Former Indiana linebacker Chris Covington took snaps under center during his time with the Hoosiers, and is now playing for Dallas.

Shoutout to all the haters, critics and losers who trash the Big Ten. I hope the SEC fanboys are okay sleeping at night knowing our backups are good enough to play in the NFL, and theirs most certainly are not. These are simply facts. If you disagree with me, then you are literally disagreeing with the facts. We all know that facts don’t care about your feelings. Just deal with it.

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