Canadian Environment Minister Has ‘No Time’ For Politicians Who Question Climate Change


Canadian Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna told CTV News Sunday she has no time for politicians that deny climate change.

McKenna insisted the Official Opposition Conservatives are just playing politics with climate change.

“I have no time for folks who are like, you know, ‘We shouldn’t take action,'” she said. “I don’t have time for politicians that play cynical games about climate action.”

McKenna was asked if the “folks” included average Canadians. “I have time for Canadians who disagree with me, and I have conversations with them all the time,” she explained. “But I don’t have time for politicians that pretend that climate change isn’t real.”

The environment minister also dismissed a provincial judicial challenge from Saskatchewan to the Trudeau government’s national carbon tax.

“They’ll lose in court,” she insisted, saying the federal government was within its rights to force the provinces to adopt the tax.

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