Ana Navarro Melts Down When GOP Rep Calls Her Liberal [VIDEO]

CNN’s Ana Navarro freaked out when Republican Rep. Steve Montenegro accused her of being a liberal on Monday.


Navarro and Montenegro were debating Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio when Montenegro told Navarro, “you’re a Republican but you’re also a liberal.”

“We’re talking about a narrative that tries to pin conservatives and Republicans as racists,” Montenegro continued.

It didn’t take long for Navarro to respond with a screaming diatribe.

“Why am I a liberal?” she yelled into the camera. “Because I stand up for my community? Why am I a liberal, because I want to defend the DREAM Act kids?”

“Why am I a liberal, because I don’t forget that I am an immigrant and I am hispanic and I have a Latin accent when I speak English?” she angrily continued. “Why am I liberal, because I believe in gay rights?”



Navarro is a registered Republican and worked for Sen. John McCain’s 2008 campaign, but guests have often questioned her GOP credentials because of her vote for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and her often left-leaning talking points about Donald Trump.

“If you’re a Republican then I’m Luis Fonsi,” Michael Caputo told Navarro on Sunday night, pointing out that she supported Democrat Bob Menendez, who is currently on trial for fraud and bribery.

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