Journo Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders A ‘Butch Queen’

(REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

Twitter isn’t a barroom, but sometimes it feels that way.

On Friday afternoon, as Sarah Huckabee Sanders was stepping into her new role as White House Press Secretary from her deputy role, The Daily Beast‘s culture writer was busy firing off what many might see as a gratuitous bashing of Sanders’ appearance.

He essentially called her a transvestite.

Too far?

Would he have said this of a liberal female spokeswoman?

The “culture writer” is Ira Madison III, who works for The Daily Beast. His previous employment haunts include MTV News, New York Mag and BuzzFeed.

His tweet was dispatched to his 47.5K followers at 2:30 p.m.

Ira’s followers didn’t seem the least bit bothered by his remark.

“Mike Huckabee in a dress!” one exclaimed.

Another remarked, “That makeup is a national security issue.”

And this: “Someone using the hell out of their Naked Basics pallet.”

A Mirror spy called it “over the line.”

Surely Ira meant to say, hey, Sarah, congratulations on your new job!

Apparently Ira has ruffled feathers before. At the beginning of 2017, CNN’s Jake Tapper called Madison “lacking in humanity.” Tapper can be a bit of a baby — and meshugannah — about a lot of things. But in this case, it was because Madison said Attorney General Jeff Sessions brought his Asian granddaughter to confirmation hearings to ease allegations of Session’s racism toward African Americans.

The Mirror sought comment from Madison.

Among the questions I asked was: Has he ever dressed up in women’s clothing?