Feminist Begs For Money To Build Giant Vagina Museum [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

A British feminist released a YouTube video asking viewers for money to build a museum dedicated to vaginas, according to Tuesday reports.

Florence Schechter, a YouTube personality, decided to open the museum after realizing that while there are plenty of penis museums, the world doesn’t have any museums centered around vaginas, reports Heat Street.

“I realized there’s no place dedicated to the female anatomy,” Schechter explained in her fundraising video. “I was pretty upset about this, but then I realized that there was just one way to rectify this, and that was to make my own vagina museum.”



Schechter acknowledged that opening the museum would be expensive, but asked her viewers only to donate if they can afford it.

“The thing about this is, it’s never been done before. It’s difficult to know what will work and what won’t work. So I have to do quite a bit of development and research first before anything can get off the ground,” she went on. She plans on creating numerous events to find out what women would want to see in a vagina museum.

Schechter first announced her plans to open the vagina museum last month. She wants the museum to portray subjects like masturbation and abortion.

“It will explore things like sexuality and gender identity and controversial subjects like contraception and abortion and masturbation and consent,” she explained to The Independent.

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