POLL: How Pence’s Performance Just Turned The Tide Of The Election [VIDEO]

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Mike Pence was the consensus winner of Tuesday night’s Vice Presidential Debate, and his performance is already reaping dividends for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


Mike Pence speaks during the Vice Presidential Debate (Getty Images)

According to CNN’s instant poll, 48 percent of debate viewers named Pence the victor while 42 percent claimed Kaine.

[dcquiz] However, while 53 percent of viewers stated Tuesday night will not influence their vote in November, 29 percent said they are more willing to vote for the Republican nominee than they were going into the debate. (RELATED: Mike Pence Won The VP Debate, According To Almost Everyone)

Pence’s figures suggest an 11 point jump over Trump’s in the same category during the first presidential debate.



Additionally, the Republican ticket saw marketed improvement among two key demographics: women and independents.

30 percent of women claimed Pence’s performance made them more likely to vote for Trump, and 31 percent of independents claimed the same.




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