Fighting Back Audience Boos, Trump Says ‘Jeb Is So Wrong’ [VIDEO]

Donald Trump went after Jeb Bush after the former Florida governor slammed Trump’s plan to fight ISIS claiming, “Jeb is so wrong.”


Saturday during the CBS Republican debate fighting back against boos, Trump said, “That’s Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists talking.”

Bush and Trump’s heated exchange began when Bush criticized Trump’s plan to fight ISIS arguing, “It is absolutely ludicrous to suggest Russia could be a positive partner this this.”

Trump responded saying, “Let me just tell you this. Jeb is so wrong. Jeb is absolutely–” but he was cut off by a booing audience.”

Speaking about the audience who was booing, Trump said, “Just so you understand, you know what that is? That’s Jeb’s special interests and lobbyists talking. Look, let me just tell you something–” The audience started booing Trump again.

“Jeb is so wrong,” Trump said. “You’ve got to fight ISIS first. You fight ISIS first. Right now, you have Russia, you have Iran, you have them with Assad and you have them with Syria. You have to knock out ISIS. They’re chopping off heads. These are animals. You have to knock them out. You have to knock them off strong. You decide what to do after. You can’t fight two wars at one time. If you listen to him and listen to some of the folks that I’ve been listening to– that’s why we’ve been in the Middle East for 15 years and we haven’t won anything. We’ve spent $5 trillion in the Middle East because of thinking like that. We’ve spent $5 [trillion]–” Trump’s response time was then interrupted by the bell.

Changing topics, Trump said, “And [crscore]Lindsey Graham[/crscore], Lindsey Graham who backs him, who has zero in his polls. Let me tell you something, we’ve spent, we’ve spent–”

Cut off again by booing, Trump continued, “I only tell the truth, lobbyists. We’ve spent $5 trillion all over the– we have to rebuild our country. We have to rebuild our infrastructure. you listen to that, you’re going to be there for another 15 and you’ll end up with World War III.”

Moderator of the debate, John Dickerson then interrupted Trump to allow Bush opportunity to respond.

“The very basic fact is Vladimir Putin is not going to be an ally of the United States,” Bush said. “The whole world knows this. it’s a simple basic fact. They’re not taking out, they’re not even attempting to take out ISIS. They’re attacking the troops that we’re supporting. We need to create a coalition, a Sunni-led coalition on the ground with our special operators to destroy ISIS and bring about stability. And you can’t do that with Assad in power.”

Trump interjected, “We’re supporting troops that we don’t know who they are.”

Bush spoke up, “Let me finish, Donald. This is ridiculous.”

Attempting to speak over Bush, Trump said, “We’re supporting troops who we don’t even know who they are. We have no idea who they are.”

Dickerson attempted to intervene saying, “Gentlemen, I think we’re going to leave that there–”

Attempting a zinger, Bush said, “This comes from a guy who gets his foreign policies from the show. It this is a guy who thinks Hillary Clinton was a great negotiator in Iran… This is a man who insults his way to the nomination.”

Trump responded to Bush by mocking his New Hampshire strategy saying, “He spent $44 million in New Hampshire, 44 million in New Hampshire. Give me a break.”

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