Pastor On CNN: Prison System Racist, ‘Akin To What Slavery Was’ [VIDEO]

New York City pastor Calvin Butts said on CNN’s “Wolf” that the prison system is racist against blacks, and “akin to what slavery was.” (RELATED: Pastor Defends Michael Brown’s Stepfather: Jesus Incited Riots, Too!)


BUTTS: Those of us who are not white know statistically that we are treated unfairly by the criminal justice system here in this nation. Most of the drugs are not purchased by black people. Most of the drugs in this country are not sold by black people, but yet black people are the ones mostly incarcerated because of the sale of drugs.

Crime rates, if you look at the crime rates in most cities, most of the crime is not perpetrated by people of African descent, though it would seem that that is the case. But yet most of the people incarcerated for crime are people of African descent.

It’s unfair and I think that book by Michelle Alexander “The New Jim Crow” points this out very well. I would encourage everyone to read it because the prison system is now akin to what slavery was many, many years ago. So, I agree with it.

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